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Polygonum Skin Saver

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Regeneration cream for various skin trouble concerns as herpes, burned parts, bites, diaper rash, laser/peel treatments. This cream contains natural herbs used in medicine – Polygonum and Sage which have no steroids, therefore it is suitable for babies or pregnant women.

  • Volume: 15 g / 50 g



Protects and regenerates delicate skin from stressors.


Doesn’t include the steroids. Polygonum extract is a gentle and natural ingredient that is suitable for babies and pregnant women. Eligible for skin regeneration.


Frequently apply generous amount onto affected and delicate areas.


Main ingredients:

  • Polygonum Extract 
    • Chinese plant which is popular due to its rejuvenating properties.
    • Used as a herbal medicine.
    • Treats can, herpes, burned skin parts, bites, diaper rash.
  • Sage Extract 
    • A herb that often found in medicine and well known as a “cure-for-all”: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, pore-tightening.


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