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Understanding Your Skin

The best skin products for your skin type

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Normal and Combination

Normal skin varies from person to person, but it could mean that the skin looks healthy, even, balanced and well hydrated. Even tough your skin looks good now it might slightly change during the seasons, therefore, it is necessary to nourish and preserve it properly. Here are our top 3 products for normal and combination type of skin that will definately help taking care of your skin throughout the year: HAYEJIN „Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner“, HAYEJIN „Cuddle of Jeju Oxygen Water Blue Vitalizing Sheet Mask“, HAYEJIN „Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream“


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Dry skin suffers from a lack of natural moisture. People with dry skin feel a tightness about their face, and their skin is often irritated. To care for dry skin, we recommend to use these products: RenoDerm „Radiance Face Cream“, HAYEJIN „Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum“, RenoDerm „Day Long BB Cream“.

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Oily skin is identified by an excess of oil on the face and tend to have larger pores. We know how hard it is finding the right products that could help balancing oily skin throughout the day and at the same time nourish it. However, we do have some products you to offer: RenoDerm „Conditioning Toner“, RenoDerm „Refreshing Face Mask“, HAYEJIN „Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream“.

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Sensitive and Acne

People with sensitive skin may have acne, rashes, contact dermatitis and may have overreactions or irritations to certain ingredients due to that they should avoid overly harsh compounds. Our recommendations for sensitive skins are: RenoDerm „Enzyme Powder“ – Cleansing Foam, RenoDerm „Revitalizing Serum“, HAYEJIN „Cuddle of Tea Tree Green Calming Sheet Mask“.