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The Korean beauty industry

The first Korean skincare e-shop in Europe that offers great selection of innovative and efficient products for all skin types
to Europe and introduce people to new ways how to care for the body, skin, and soul. Our products help to release the beauty within and showcase how to cherish it.

With thousands of different brands and cosmetic lines in Korea, we have handpicked the best ones that fit all of our high standards and relate to our values. All three of our partners – Hayejin, RenoDerm, and Helen Park are unique and offer different products that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. 

We believe that being a socially-responsible and conscious company that adds to saving nature is something that we must do. That is why we only work with cosmetic brands that produce their products from natural and rich minerals. On top of that, all the products must pass strict dermatology tests, ensuring that they are safe to use and can do no harm when applied on any type of skin.

Hayejin products are made from nature-derived botanical ingredients and suited for both women and men. We can guarantee that all of the products bring you closer to nature and nourish your beautiful skin. Hayejin uses the newest technology to make their cosmetics, so every single ingredient is mixed into harmonious and balanced products.

RenoDerm has over 20 years of experience in the Korean cosmetics industry, producing the highest quality peeling products for the damaged skin. RenoDerm has different cosmetic lines for both professional and homecare use. So, if you want to try peeling and embrace your glowing and healthy skin, RenoDerm has you covered.

Helen Park product line was created by Helen Park, a professional Korean beauty technician and makeup artist with over 20 years of experience working in the industry and exploring new ways to create the best cosmetic products that suit everyone, promote natural beauty, and ignite the inner confidence and strength. Helen Park products make the skin elastic, moisturized, soft, and bright.

By officially partnering with such fantastic Korean beauty brands, we feel the responsibility to deliver the best service and take care of each and every customer with love and respect. We are proud to introduce the Korean beauty trends to Europe, and we hope to show people that caring for their skin can become a blissful experience.